Our Sponsors

1. SL Business Directory (SLBiz2Life) – General Sponsor

SL Business Directory is a free and largest listing of SL business, established in 2007. SLBiz offers various advertising services (paid and free): Guaranteed Visitors, gridwide adboard network, web banners to advertise any SL business project. Devices and vendors are also available to make money and monetize your parcel traffic.


2. SmartBots

SmartBots is a group management service for SL business owners: direct group inviter, scheduled group notices and IMs, reliable bot hosting. SmartBots can be used as a communication tool, social instrument or advertising solution (by sending notices and IMs).

SmartBots hosting allows using both shared bots (prices start from L$79 per week) and personal bots (L$479 per week). Personal bots are exclusive avatars which can be placed in your office and act like a greeter/auto-responder, while shared bots is a cheap and affordable solution for any business.



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