Metaverse Business Journal New Office & Plans For The Future

Dear Metaverse Business Journal Readers,

It is a great pleasure for me to announce that we now have a in-world headquarters to actively promote our virtual presence and create a wonderful place for conversation and networking. Since we first started this magazine several sponsors and readers had been asking me  if we had an in-world office we wished to spread the word about and I had always answered that we couldn’t afford that expense right no but we would certainly look to it in the future.  I was firm on this intent since our publication was still in it’s infancy and I wanted to keep a tight budget in order to save money for expansion. However when the kindness of all our sponsors allowed us to finance a 2.0 version of our website I thought to myself  a big in-world celebration was in order for its release and a venue was needed so rather than renting I took the plunge and purchased a beautiful two story office with a very large lobby and terrace for special events.  I really want to thank everyone who has made the dream of having a strong accurate business publication possible because when you get an ad with us you are not only promoting your business but you are also actively contributing to improving the overall business community by making information accessible to a greater number of virtual world users.

I have big dreams for this company and I really think that by the end of this year if everything goes according to my projections our magazine will  face 2012 as a consolidated brand with a far reaching presence in the virtual media industry.  The launching of our office and new website is just one of the many surprises I have in store for the future and I can guarantee that in the months to come the overall experience for both readers and advertisers will continue to improve steadily in our path to becoming the top publication in our sector.  All I ask is that you continue to give this magazine the great amount of support it has received so far because although it might not seem like a leader in its field yet Rome wasn’t built in a day and this project has in my opinion a great future.

If you wish to visit our in-world office, which is still being polished and perfected, you may do so with the following slurl ( Its really a nice place to escape from the hectic aspect of second life and park your avatar while dealing with a downpour of IM’s.

Thanks for all your support,

Carter Allegrant

Metaverse Business Journal- Chief Editor & Owner




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