The Importance of Customer Service

If we boil down running a successful business to one of its most basic components we will always arrive at customer service/public relations. Your product may be the most incredible invention out there but if you don’t market it the right way and if you treat your clients in an unprofessional manner your venture will never succeed.  Customer service is the pillar that drives a good firm over the top and separates it from its lesser competitors.  It gives distinction to the brand and adds value to all the business model.

There are two main types of chief executive offices out there and sometimes both succeed while in some other occasions one type proves superior to the other.  The first chooses to take every little decision in his company by himself and without any checks in authority takes the final decision in all important matters and believes in the popular “my way or the high way”. He might actually ask his users what they think in some occasions but if he doesn’t like something he disregards the input of  community. This entrepreneur might also choose to develop heavy guidelines which are purposely ambiguous so they can be used to restrict dissenting views about company actions  from the general public.  Shielded in an ivory tower this character succeeds because of the demand for the product or service he provides and not because he wins over his clients by being tolerant.

The second chief executive officer sees his success as a gift given by his consumers. He knows that without them he could not be where he is and does not need to shield himself behind guidelines and regulations in order to get rid of negative comments. He embraces critics and uses their complaints to improve his business and change their minds. Its obvious to him that attacking the customer with ad hominid does not make him seem professional but rather insecure and fearful.  This businessman is proud and open he does not take time to lend credence to unfounded accusations by  censoring negative views because he knows that the ultimate judge is the market and that each and every client has a right to hear the feedback left by others.  Whether negative or positive he will welcome all comments equally and let everyone present tell their side and reserve judgement to those who use his service.

After the incident I had with Mr.Skip Oceanlane  I have to say I no longer certain of which type he is.  On June 10th I published in the General Discussion section of the Capital Exchange Forum an open letter to CAPEX shareholders and I was greatly surprised to see that a few minutes after I had done so the thread was locked by Mr.Oceanlane. But not only did he stop at crushing any possibility of a reply by those the letter was addressed to but he also saw it fit to attack me personally.  He stated that I had threatened to report him to Linden Lab as follows:

“I wanted to let everyone know that on April 14, 2011, Mr. Carter Allegrant threatened to “report me” to Linden Lab for a “Terms of Service Violation” because I would not reveal to him the names of people who have complained to me about his bizarre and aggressive behavior against myself, various CapEx traders, and Capital Exchange itself. After this incident, I muted this individual, and have not been able to see anything he has typed since. I am keeping him muted because I simply choose not to deal with such a negative individual like him. Please note that I have not banned him from Crystal Springs Region and he has access to the ATM’s because he does own a small amount of stock here.” (

First I would like to set the record straight about me reporting him, I did tell him I would fill a abuse report because in a conversation I had with him he told me he was aware of all the “things I had been saying”  because of some other people had pasted my conversations with them to him. I then informed him that according to the Linden Lab terms of service no private im messages between two individuals can be disclosed without the authorization of both parties. Needless to say he didn’t really addressed that in our conversation and he choose to tell everyone that I was acting in an aggressive and bizarre manner towards the trading community.  He brilliantly closes with ” I simply choose not to deal with such a negative individual like him” I guess he hasn’t read my numerous praises to the his company for restoring the trading of virtual securities or more like it he has and he simply ignores them in his eagerness to discredit me.

Left with such a blatant attack towards by person in claiming I was harassing him an other traders I could do little.  Using his privileges as owner and administrator he locked the thread so I resorted to doing an update to his comment on my original post, I did this twice to respond to his own posts to counter what I saw as nothing more than lies to make him seem right.  When I tried to do a third update he stated the following ” From this point forward, I am deleting future posts or edits from you because it’s obvious you’re here to just cause a disturbance in violation of the Rules of Capital Exchange”. I will let you be the judge of whether my original letter was written in a tone worthy of shutting down the thread and letting other people comment on the matter. Also I encourage you , the reader, to go back an read some of my past articles and ask yourself if I am as Mr.Oceanlane puts it “here to just cause a disturbance in violation of the Rules of Capital Exchange.” . I think I contribute something valuable to the market and that many readers out there enjoy my work and think it fulfills a gap. I do what I do because I believe investors need to hear the truth always and that is why I am not afraid to go against any action which I consider detrimental to the health of the market.

So you tell me, which kind of CEO, is Mr.Oceanlane? What does this specific instance tell us about his tolerance for dissenting views and his ability to allow freedom on speech among his users? We investors can only help each other through feedback and if that’s taken from us I worry about the future.

Hoping to hear your thoughts.

Carter Allegrant




2 Responses to The Importance of Customer Service

  1. No surprise about Skip reaction. It is not the first time he is censoring, elimininating or moving posts he does not appreciate to the archive section (the last option answer your question “Is there anyone who knows what happened to the thread titled “Lets be carefefull”).

    Skip is definitely putting a lot of effort in re-launching Sl financial community and it is a positive fact. However, arbitrarily censoring any kind of criticism may result counterproductive in the long run.

    As a consequence of this behavior, The Rock opened a free forum: where censorship is not accepted with very few exceptions such as open insults with bad words.

    eliale morigi

  2. carterallegrant says:


    Its truly a pity we can’t all enjoy a free forum in the Capital Exchange like you have set up at your own website. I personally believe in hearing all views and keeping the table open to discussion, I have in numerous occasions said I welcome all critiques in this paper and I really do mean it.

    Skip has put a lot effort I won’t deny that but lately at least based on my dealings with him he has turned authoritarian when it comes to dissenting views. Like you mentioned he wiped out a whole thread by Delicious Demar entitled ” Lets be Careful” and that’s is definitely and important precedent.

    Right now I cannot talk talk to the Capex management because Skip has me muted and that really bothers me since I am trader. But I won’t back down when I see something unfair like the over the top censorship in the forums.

    Thanks for your comment,


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