Capital Stock Exchange -Weekly Summary (5-30-2011/6-5-2011)

By: Carter Allegrant

Another week has gone by and the market continues to grow and progress at a fairly decent rate. The daily trading volumes are not bad at all and the prospects for new companies as well as investors are certainly good.  Here is a breakdown of the major events that shaped the market this past week by company:

Online Investment Group ( CAPEX-OIG): It announced  on ,Thursday June 2dn ,that it had successfully taken possession of the shares belonging to  an investor named Porus Jigsaw after trying to contact him several times without any results. In addition to those shares another investor Rafael Meads had his shares taken away for not paying the agreed amount for them. This would mean 17.5% of the company will belong once again to all investors and be added as treasury shares. Although I believe its great for shareholders to have a decent amount of treasury shares I worry about such a high percentage. I earnestly think the CEO of OIG should do an SPO and liquidate at least 10% of those shares at market price once the transfer formalities are over.  This will allow those investors who believe in the company to have the opportunity of increasing their participation and also provide extra funds for expansion or reserves. It is always best to have a cash reserve of lindens readily available in case of crisis than a few hundred treasury shares. (CAPEX-EARN):  On Thursday, June 2, EARN delivered its first dividends to shareholders, just two weeks after they initial public offering was over, of 213205L or o.04L per share.  Based on the announcement and the positive stream of revenue it is quite evident that this company while go on to deliver a steady profit for long term investors since it already has a established in-world brand and a solid business model. Another interesting point is that they have began developing a new money making service for an additional revenue source. Although there aren’t many details yet I can’t wait to see what this management team comes up with and I hope they will continue to do a great a job.

L&L Corporation Inc. ( CAPEX-LLC): The board of directors of the Capital Stock Exchange approved the re listing of L&L lead by Lindsay Dover. The action was taken after much debate in the forums where a lot of people showed support towards the move as a way for shareholders of the company to recover their former assets and be able to trade their shares. I believe the addition to the trading floor is a positive one for those who previously invested in the company, for those of us who have never been involved with it there is really no benefit other than perhaps an increase in trading volume.  The best bet for this company is to make a good come back start making profits and then launching a SPO to finance an expansion.

Black Swan Capital ( CAPEX- BSC): Black Swan Capital is yet another company that wants to enter the the trading floor. As I mentioned in a previous post I believe the exchange is adding too many companies to fast and that in order to achieve sustainable growth we need to balance the supply of investor funds with the demand for funds of new companies. That said I knew Telexa Gabardini when she had her company at VSTEX and she was a reliable and hard working chief executive officer so the fact that she is one of the individuals leading the management team is a great bonus. Also I think the business plan is innovative and interesting and could potentially generate a good amount of profit for investors although the proposed amount of shares is a bit high. My general advice would be to buy a modest portion of shares when the IPO starts and not get too carried away.

Ford Edelman & Co.(CAPEX-FED): Ford Eldelman & Co delivered a monthly dividend of 10’000L or 0.01 per share continuing their usual pattern. Even though dividends are small the company is lead by Ashleigh Wade who is a capable CEO who will continue to give shareholders a return on investment. I am quite certain that this company has plans to diversify its revenue sources and will soon surprise the market.

That’s a summary of the most important events this past week brought us and I can’t wait to see what this week will bring by. As I always I would like to hear your thoughts about these companies or the exchange in general so please feel free to comment and be part of our community.


Carter Allegrant

Metaverse Business Journal – Chief Editor.


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