Message to our Readers

Dear Metaverse Business Journal Readers,

Four months ago I conceived and carried out an idea for a virtual newspaper specially dedicated to providing quality content to the growing amount of people who see the potential virtual worlds such as Second Life have when it comes to providing a stable business platform. The market may have had its downs in the past but today it is slowly recovering and in order to help share the success and keep people informed of the latest occurrences there has to be a professional source for news that not only cares about making money through ad sales but feels a commitment to actively promote and foster virtual entrepreneurship. The support of  the community this small magazine has had since its inception truly makes me proud of being its owner and editor and that is why I have decided to take this endevour to the next level.

It is a pleasure for me to announce that as of yesterday things have been set in motion for the creation and release of our 2.0 website which we plan to introduce during the first half of July.  After talking to many readers and sponsors in-world we realized that in order to server everyone better we needed to change the appearance of our site from what it is to something much more dynamic and pleasing to all of our visitors and that is why we have finally decided to move forward with the upcoming layout. I cannot reveal right now the many features and tools that we will introduce but I can guarantee you will be blown away by them and you will certainly double the time you spend on our site.

I also want to thank all of our advertisers who are committed to supporting the virtual business community and without which we would not been able to grow so quickly. This month we have raised a grand total of   L$25400 in ad sales and that enabled us to move forward with the new website quicker than we had originally thought.  I am really happy with the increase in sales and I believe the fact that our advertisers continue to renew their contracts with us is a sign that we are doing something right and we are achieving our mission of becoming a premier business news source dedicated towards serving the community.

Finally I would like to close this by saying to you the reader that if you continue to support our magazine and honor us with your preference we will continue to amaze you and give you the real news whether good or bad because we believe you deserve to be informed of what goes on in order to make right choices.

Thanks for your support,

Carter Allegrant

Metaverse Business Journal Editor-in-Chief


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